Thursday, January 7, 2016

If I Listen with My Heart pt 2

Date:  January 10, 2016

Opening Song:  Stand for the Right p.159 CS (also have this for Ooh and Aah prelude)

Talk, Scripture, Theme, etc.

Visitor Song: Hello, Friends! p.254 CS

Birthday Song: Happy, Happy Birthday p.284

Singing Time
*Ooh and Aah sign (This worked so well last week, especially for our Russian friends.  I want it to be a part of our prelude routine every week.)
*Picture of President Thomas S. Monson
*Picture of our Savior Jesus Christ
*Some string to connect the two pictures
*Clothes pins
*Index cards
*Picture of Earth
*Copy of Pres. Monson's most recent talk:
*Pictures that represent how to live in righteousness and peace (from the talk above)
*Apron with pockets to draw the pictures out of (I know we have some in our primary closet but you could use a bag or hands)
*One of the paper hearts with a picture of Jesus on it from last week's lesson
Adaptions for Autism:  Schedule on the Board and schedule in their hands.  Place a sticker after each one?, shakers to shake with the song, play dough?, lots of movement (clapping, rubbing hands, tapping head, shoulders, etc.)
This is a great source:

Introduction:  Sing the first verse to If I Listen with My Heart.  Remind them how we learned each line.  Sing with shakers, the children can try and sing louder than the shakers.  "Now we are going to learn the next verse.  Lets look in the scriptures to see what it's about.  I'm searching for a scripture.  Read Mosiah 3:13.  (Im going to write in on a paper and put it in my giant Book of Mormon from last week.

Teaching Steps (One line of the Song at a time):
      1.  "I hear a living prophet speak the things that Christ would say"
Sing the line and have the children repeat it.  Do this twice.  Then ask,"What are some things Christ would say?"  Write down their answer on an index card and clip in on the string that connects the two pictures of Christ and our prophet.  Sing the line after each card.  Do several cards.
      2.  "If He were here upon the earth to talk with me today."
Have a picture of the earth by our prophet.  Continue with the index cards and add singing this line.
      3.  "The prophet teaches how to live in righteousness and peace"
Sing the line and have them repeat it twice. "The prophet just gave a talk in General Conference.  In it he told us the ways to live in righteousness and peace.  Lets see what they are."  Choose children to come draw a picture out of the apron and put it by the picture of Pres. Monson.  Sing the line after each one.
      4.    "And if I listen with my heart I hear the Savior's voice."
Hold up the heart from last week's lesson to your ear as you sing the last line.

Sing the first two verses of the song.
Bear Testimony

Closing Song: The Iron Rod p.274 HYMNS

Senior Singing Time Adaptations:

1.  Show a clip of Pres. Monson's 2015 General Conference address
2.  Instead of choosing out of the apron, have them write ideas on the board.  They could even write as they listen to a clip of the message.

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  1. This lesson went pretty good. I attach the two poster to the Giant Book of Mormon. They really liked zip line from Jesus Christ to President Monson. For the last line (The prophet teaches how to live...) I ended up showing the article from this month's friend on how Pres. Monson teaches using footprints. So I taped paper on the bottom of two shoes and wrote Righteous on one and Peace on the other and held them up when they sang those words.