Thursday, January 21, 2016

If I Listen with My Heart pt3

Date:  January 24, 2016

Opening Song: The Iron Rod p.274 HYMNS (also have this for Ooh and Aah prelude)

Talk, Scripture, Theme, etc.

Visitor Song: Hello Song p.260 CS

Birthday Song: Your Happy Birthday p.283 CS

This idea was adapted from the lesson found in the July 1997 Friend

Singing Time
*Ooh and Aah sign (for prelude)
*Four brown paper lunch bags
*Four black and white pictures copied onto a transparency.  You can also draw them on regular paper with black marker and then cut them out.  I Googled 'LDS clipart','children praying silhouette', 'Jesus Christ black and white clipart' to find these images.  However the bag with TRUTH AND LIGHT was a word document.

-TAPE the overheads inside the brown paper bags-
*One very bright/strong flashlight

**Possible Handout:  I would love to give every child a tea light with it labeled the Holy Spirit and a little brown paper bag with a picture on the inside that would light up when they put their candle in it. I am going to do the paper bag for sure, but the tea lights only if I can find them cheap.
Introduction:  "Today we are learning the last verse of If I Listen with My Heart.  The first verse was about when Jesus was on the earth, the second was about our prophet, and lets see if you can guess what this one is about.  Let’s open the Book of Mormon to get some clues.”  Open the Giant Book of Mormon and read the passages of scripture about the Holy Ghost, but dont' read the words "Holy Ghost"
1 Nephi 10:17, 1 Nephi 11:27, 2 Nephi 26:13, Moroni 8:26
“Right! We will be singing about the Holy Ghost today.”  Show a battery tea light.  Explain how my hand would feel warm next to the fire.  Then show a flashlight simply saying I just need a brighter flame today. “We are going to pretend this light is the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost.  It feels us with warmth and we can really feel it.    

Teaching Steps:

Ist Line:  “I feel the Holy Spirit as He teaches truth and right.”  Sing the line and then have the children repeat.  Shine the light into the first paper bag.  Sing the line again and talk about examples of truth and right. Share experience of truth and right.  

2nd Line: “He comforts me in times of need…”  Sing the line and then have the children repeat.  Shine the light into the second bag.  Sing both lines and move the light to the corresponding bag.  Share experiences of comfort.
3rd Line: “He testifies of Christ.”  Sing the line then have the children repeat.  Shine the light into the third bag.  Sing all three lines.  Share experiences of gaining a testimony of Christ.
4th Line: “He speaks to me in quiet ways that fill my soul with peace”  First, talk about how a lot of times the Holy Ghost speaks to us when we pray to our Heavenly Father.  And when we say prayers, we are generally in a quiet place by our bed or by ourselves or family.  Sing the line and have the children repeat.  Shine the light in the last bag.  Share experiences of praying and feeling peace.  Sing the entire verse.  They should know the last line (And if I listen with my heart I hear the Savior’s voice) from the other verses.  

Sing the entire song, all three verses.  Practice holding out the notes on the very last line.

Bear Testimony of the Power of the Holy Ghost 

Closing Song: The Holy Ghost p.105 CS


  1. The lesson went very well today. The spirit was especially great in Senior primary when the kids shared experiences feeling the Holy Ghost. I ended up using the flashlight on my phone instead of the big flashlight. It was plenty bright and easier to move from bag to bag. I also taped the bags to the table in Senior Primary since they kept falling in Junior. As a management strategy, I gave one of the candles to a restless boy during sharing time. I told him it was a reverent candle and whoever held it had to be really still and quiet so it wouldn't go out. I asked him if he would hold it for me and he was excited and said yes and was sitting quietly the rest of the time. I think I will bring a little tea light every week :-)

  2. Did this last sunday. Kids and teachers LOVED it!! Thank you for the idea!

  3. Did anyone try this without having it on transparency material?

    1. Someone said they used a black Sharpie marker on some sheet protectors and it worked just fine.