Thursday, January 28, 2016

Master Singers!

Singing Time Motivation
Last year, I did this activity the summer before the Primary Program.  It really motivated the children to work hard at singing and learning the songs.  What I liked most about it, was it reached the older boys who do not like to sing and are too 'cool' to sing.  Everything is Awesome!

Give 10 kids a Lego (any kind, but all the same size).  Have them come to the front and build a pyramid.  After they finish ask them, "Did you need all 10 of the legos to build this pyramid? Yes! Did you know that there's a job at Lego.  It's called a Master Builder.  These people know everything about Legos.  They know the different parts and they design so that everything they build is strong and the best.  Well, we are going to become Master Singers.  We have to work hard so that each song for the program is strong and our best.  When we Master a song, I will fill the tube up with Lego Candy. But knowing the words to the song will only fill the tube up half way.  What else makes a song strong?  How do we need to sing in order to be Master Singers?" Have the children answer: volume, feeling, smiles, etc. "And just like we need all the legos to make a pyramid, we need everyone singing in order to Master a song.  Everyone is important.  Everyone. When we Master all the songs, then you guys get to share all the Lego Candy in the tubes.  Let's get to work!"

*Foam Board
*Slip ties (Put two around each bottle: top and bottom.)
*Bottles (I just looked for the skinniest and cheapest at Walmart.  These were some brand of lemonade.  I wanted them to all fit on one board.) Put them on the board upside down and cut the bottoms 3/4 off to put candy in but so it flaps down.
*Lego Candy (Candy Blox, I found mine at WinCo, but I've seen them several places)
*Markers to decorate
*String (I ended up attaching a string to the back so it would stand on an easel at church.  It got pretty heavy with all the candy but still held strong with the string.)

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