Thursday, June 9, 2016

Father's Day Song: Fishing for a Flipchart

Fishing for a Flipchart
For Father's Day this year, we will be singing 'Fathers' in sacrament meeting.  The whole primary will sing just the CHORUS and I have assigned three soloists in our primary to sing the verses.  
There are two ways to teach this song
1. Using just the flipchart with missing pictures and fish for pictures 
Add tape to your fishing pole hook or use a clothes pin to catch the pictures
2. Using the flipchart that has the pictures already and fishing for tangible items in the pictures. 
If using tangible items you will need: a watch, helmet, dog, spyglass, and a home.
Also a large table cloth or sheet to fish over, a fishing pole (I tied a shoelace to a broken pole and a hanger for the hook), and your choice of flipchart.
Either way, the kids will enjoy being handed a fishing pole to learn the song!  

Happy Fishing!

Materials (PDFs):
Again, this is just the CHORUS. Verses are being sung by soloists.

Flipchart Finished

Flipchart without pictures

Pictures for the Flipchart

Intro to 'Fathers':
From Camille's Primary Ideas
Write on the board 'Fathers' then say,"Did you know there are all kinds of fathers?" For Junior primary, guide them to list the different fathers by asking, "Who is the father of our ward? Bishop! Because he watches over all of us like a family" or "Does anyone have a grandpa?" etc.  For Senior primary, let them lead the discussion.  
I adapted this chart from Camille's post.  She originally got this idea from A Children's Songbook Companion.  See link above.
Intro to Fishing:

Show the children the picture of President Monson fishing with his son (You can get this picture from the link below).  Ask them to guess who the dad is.  "One special thing that our prophet loved to do with his children, is take them fishing!"
President Monson's Fishing Story
"Father's like to do special things that show they're love for us. What's something special that does your dad, grandpa, or any of the kind of fathers we talked about like to do with you?"

SING: "Fathers are so special, with a very special love."

Fishing Time!
Fish for two items and then sing the whole line.  Take time to explain each picture/item and how fathers do that action.

Finished Flipchart