Thursday, December 31, 2015

If I Listen with My Heart

Date:  January 3, 2016

Opening Song:  I Will Follow God's Plan p.164 CS

Talk, Scripture, Theme, etc.

Visitor Song: Do As I'm Doing p.276 CS
(Have the visitor(s) stand at the front and lead the group.)

Birthday Song: You've Had a Birthday p.285 CS

Singing Time
*Signs that say OOH and AHH  

*Giant Pop-up Book of Mormon (This is the prop that I chose to make the story of 'Jesus visiting the   Nephites' (3 Nephi 17) come to life.  Other ideas would be to show a picture of the story or puppets. I did spend about $4 and 10 hours making this, and normally I wouldn't put all the effort and time into a prop, but I plan on using this all year so I decided it was a worthy investment. I got the foam board and tape from the dollar store, watercolored the scenery and cut up an old Gospel Art Book from the thrift store.)

*Dress up clothes for a child from Jesus' time (My kids loved them ...haha :) I just cut up old shirts and got a foam ring from the dollar store.

*Paper hearts with a picture of Jesus on the back for every child (put underneath the stepping stones)

*Stepping stones (tape these to the floor before primary starts)

*Index card with 3 Nephi 17:21 written on it (hide in Book of Mormon)

Introduction:  "Today we are learning a new song.  I have two signs here.  One says OOH and the other says AHH.  Let's practice!  When I hold up OOH, you guys sing OOH.  When I hold up AHH, you guys sing AHH.  Easy right?  Now lets listen really close to the piano, and OOH and AHH the tune of this new song.  But make sure you watch closely, because I might switch the signs and try to trick you!"
 "Awesome!  Now let's learn the words to this song."

Teaching Steps (One line of the Song at a time):
      1.  "If I had been a little child when Jesus lived on earth.."
First, invite one child to come up and pretend to be a child when Jesus was on the earth.  Make      sure they know they will be dressing up.  After helping the child with the costume, ask the children, "Can you pretend to be a child in Jesus' time too?  Let's all pretend to dress up like (name of child)."  Pretend to put on clothes.  Sing the first line and have them repeat.  Sing the line 2 times.
      2.  "...I would have liked to walk with Him and Listen to His Words."
"When I say go, walk up quietly and stand on a quiet stepping stone."  When the children are on a stone (I will arrange them into two circles), sing the next line and have them repeat.  Sing the whole song to this point while the children walk in a circle.  You can switch directions each time.
      3.  "But as I search the scriptures I can hear His words of peace,.."
Have the children gather in front of the Giant book or other prop.  Ask,"What does 'search' mean? Right! To look hard for something.  I am going to search these scriptures."  Pull out the index card with 3 Nephi 17:21 from the giant pop up book.  Have a child or teacher read the scripture.  Talk about how when Christ came to visit the Nephites he blessed the little children one by one.
Explain how he didn't just say "I love you all" but said "I love you, Kye." Etc. How would that make you feel inside? PEACEFUL.  Sing the line and have them repeat it twice.  Sing the song up to this point.
      4.    "And if I listen with my heart I hear the Savior's voice."
"When I say go, I want you to search under one stepping stone.  When you find one heart, I want you to take it back to your seat and hold it by your heart.  When everyone is holding it, I'll know you're ready to learn the last line of the song. Ready go."
Have the children hold their heart to their ear when singing the last line.  Sing and repeat 2 times.

Sing the whole song.
Bear Testimony

Closing Song: Stand for Right p.159

Senior Singing Time Adaptations:

1.  Give the music to a child ahead of time and have them sing it for the class when they dress up like a child from Jesus' time. We have a few children in our ward that love to sing solos whenever they get the chance!

2.  Have them share experiences with reading the scriptures and how it made them feel.  Share personal experience of the scriptures bringing you peace.

3.  Start learning the 2nd verse and bring a picture of President Monson and his recent General Conference talk of how he "teaches how to lie in righteousness and peace."


  1. I did this lesson today I would say it went pretty well. The children enjoyed getting out of their seats to walk the stepping stones. I like to keep them moving and that's how I keep their attention. The hearts that they held to their ear while singing the last line were kind of distracting, so for Senior Primary I ended up just having them make a heart with their hands and holding it by their ears.

  2. I would love to see more close up pictures of your pop up Book of Mormon. Or perhaps a tutorial. That is amazing!

    1. Thanks so much! I'll get a tutorial up within the week, but if you need it sooner just email me ( and I'll walk you through it!